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Landmark Study Determines There Is No “Gay Gene”

Landmark Study Determines There Is No “Gay Gene” An all-star team of scientists has just published a new “genome-wide association study” (“GWAS”) in the journal Science, on a massive sample of nearly half a million individuals, that attempted to identify if genetic factors contribute to same-sex sexual behavior. The key take-away? “[T]here is certainly no single […]

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Becoming Better Missionaries to LGBT+ People (what I’ve learned after 11 years of ministry)

Written by: Bill Henson on: July 24, 2017 In 2003, I attended a secular college event featuring a Christian message on sexuality. Outside the auditorium, dozens of protestors gathered. Seeing their signs and sensing their frustration, I nervously approached them to ask why they were protesting. One student said, “I grew up with two mothers. These […]

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